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1948-11-06Blue Barron And His Orchestra / You Were Only Fooling
1948-11-13Kay Kyser And His Orchestra / On A Slow Boat To China
1948-11-20Jo Stafford And Gordon MacRae / My Darling, My Darling
1948-12-18Evelyn Knight / A Little Bird Told Me
1949-01-08Kay Starr / So Tired
1949-04-30Vic Damone / Again
1949-05-07Patti Page / So In Love
1949-05-28Billy Eckstine / Somehow
1949-06-11Billy Eckstine / Somehow
1949-11-19Frankie Laine / Mule Train
1949-12-17Richard Hayes / The Old Master Painter
1950-04-22Bill Snyder / Bewitched
1950-05-20Bill Snyder / Bewitched
1950-07-29Mindy Carson / My Foolish Heart
1950-08-12Frankie Laine / (Give Me) A Kiss For Tomorrow
1950-09-23Don Cornell / I Need You So
1950-11-18Patti Page / All My Love (Bolero)
1950-12-02Patti Page / All My Love (Bolero)
1950-12-16Patti Page / All My Love (Bolero)
1951-05-05Perry Como / If
1951-08-11Rosemary Clooney / Come On-A My House
1951-10-27Eddie Fisher / Turn Back The Hands Of Time
1952-01-26Nat "King" Cole / Unforgettable
1952-07-12Nat "King" Cole / Walkin' My Baby Back Home
1952-07-26Frank Sinatra / Tennessee Newsboy (The Newsboy Blues)
1952-08-02Vera Lynn / Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
1952-08-03Vera Lynn / Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
1952-08-04Rosemary Clooney / Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)
1952-08-09Rosemary Clooney / Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)
1952-08-16Don Cornell / This Is The Beginning Of The End
1952-08-17June Valli / Strange Sensation
1952-09-06Dean Martin / You Belong To Me
1952-09-07Eddy Howard And His Orchestra / Mademoiselle
1952-09-13Johnny Desmond / Trying
1952-09-27Johnny Desmond / Trying
1952-10-11Johnny Desmond / Trying
1952-11-08Johnny Desmond / Trying
1952-11-15Patti Page / You Belong To Me
1952-11-22Don Cornell / I
1952-11-29Don Cornell / I
1952-11-30Patti Page / Why Don't You Believe Me
1952-12-06Don Cornell / I
1952-12-13Don Cornell / I
1952-12-27Teresa Brewer / Till I Waltz Again With You
1953-01-03The Gaylords / Tell Me You're Mine
1953-01-04Teresa Brewer / Till I Waltz Again With You
1953-01-10The Gaylords / Tell Me You're Mine
1953-01-17The Gaylords / Tell Me You're Mine
1953-01-18The Gaylords / Tell Me You're Mine
1953-01-24The Gaylords / Tell Me You're Mine
1953-02-07Buddy Morrow And His Orchestra / I Don't Know
1953-03-07Tony Bennett / Congratulations To Someone
1953-03-28The Mills Brothers / Twice As Much
1953-04-04The Mills Brothers / Twice As Much
1953-04-11Les Baxter / April In Portugal
1953-05-16Hamish Menzies / Less Than Tomorrow
1953-05-23Percy Faith And His Orchestra / The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
1953-05-30Mantovani And His Orchestra / The Moulin Rouge Theme (Where Is Your Heart)
1953-06-13Percy Faith And His Orchestra / The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
1953-06-20Percy Faith And His Orchestra / The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
1953-07-04Don Cornell / She Loves Me
1953-07-18Don Cornell / She Loves Me
1953-07-25Don Cornell / She Loves Me
1953-08-01Don Cornell / She Loves Me
1953-08-08Pee Wee Hunt / Oh!
1953-08-22Darrell Glenn / Crying In The Chapel
1953-08-29Darrell Glenn / Crying In The Chapel
1953-09-05Bill Darnel / Tonight, Love
1953-09-12Bill Darnel / Tonight, Love
1953-09-19Ray Anthony And His Orchestra / Dragnet
1953-10-03Julius LaRosa / Eh, Cumpari
1953-10-10Teresa Brewer / Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay)
1953-10-17Teresa Brewer / Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay)
1953-10-31Eddie Fisher / Many Times
1953-11-07Eddie Fisher / Many Times
1953-11-14Bunny Paul / Magic Guitar
1953-11-15Tony Bennett / Rags To Riches
1953-11-21Tony Bennett / Rags To Riches
1953-11-28Tony Bennett / Rags To Riches
1953-12-05Patti Page / Changing Partners
1953-12-12Dean Martin / That's Amore
1953-12-13Eddie Calvert / Oh, Mein Papa
1953-12-19Eddie Fisher / Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
1953-12-20Patti Page / Changing Partners
1953-12-26Eddie Calvert / Oh, Mein Papa
1953-12-27Eddie Fisher / Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
1954-01-02Eddie Calvert / Oh, Mein Papa
1954-01-09Eddie Calvert / Oh, Mein Papa
1954-01-23Eddie Fisher / Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
1954-01-30Eddie Fisher / Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)
1954-02-06Dean Martin / That's Amore
1954-02-13Dean Martin / That's Amore
1954-02-20The Gaylords / From The Vine Came The Grape
1954-02-27Doris Day / Secret Love
1954-03-06Ronnie Gaylord / Cuddle Me
1954-04-03Perry Como / Wanted
1954-04-10Perry Como / Wanted
1954-04-17Perry Como / Wanted
1954-04-24Perry Como / Wanted
1954-05-08Don Cornell / Believe In Me
1954-05-29Don Cornell / Believe In Me
1954-06-12Don Cornell / Believe In Me
1954-07-10Kitty Kallen / Little Things Mean A Lot
1954-07-24The Crew-Cuts / Sh-Boom
1954-08-21The Crew-Cuts / Sh-Boom
1954-09-11Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra / Skokiaan
1954-09-11Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band / Skokiaan
1954-09-18Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra / Skokiaan
1954-09-18The Four Lads / Skokiaan (South African Song)
1954-09-18Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band / Skokiaan
1954-10-23Don Cornell / Hold My Hand
1954-12-04Don Cornell / Hold My Hand
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