Station Call or City:
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WAAT1300  AMTrentonNew JerseyT40
WBUD1260  AMTrentonNew JerseyT40
WKXW101.5  FMTrentonNew JerseyT40
WPST97.5  FMTrentonNew JerseyT40
WTNJ1300  AMTrentonNew JerseyT40
WTTM920  AMTrentonNew JerseyMOR
CJTR1150  AMTrois RivieresQuebec, CanadaT40
CKTR1150  AMTrois RivieresQuebec, CanadaT40
WRPI640  AMTroyNew YorkT40
WTRY980  AMTroyNew YorkT40
KAIR1490  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KCNA580  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KCUB1290  AMTucsonArizonaC&W
KFIF1550  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KHOS940  AMTucsonArizonaC&W
KHYT1330  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KIKX580  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KLPX96.1  FMTucsonArizona
KMOP1330  AMTucsonArizonaC&W
KOLD1450  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KOPO1450  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KRQQ93.3  FMTucsonArizonaT40
KTKT990  AMTucsonArizonaT40
KUAT1550  AMTucsonArizona
KUAZ89.1  FMTucsonArizona
KWFM92.9  FMTucsonArizonaProgressive
KAKC970  AMTulsaOklahomaT40
KCNW1300  AMTulsaOklahomaC&W
KELI1430  AMTulsaOklahomaT40
KFMJ1050  AMTulsaOklahomaC&W