WGF 833 AM


Week: 1922-09-01
Format: Eclectic
WGF Broadcasts Victor Records for September

The program of September release Victor records
will be broadcast by WGF, the radio station of
The Register and Tribune Friday night, will be:
1. Billy Murray & Ed Smalle - Kicky-Koo, Kicky-Koo (You For Me, Me For You)
2. Billy Murray & Ed Smalle - A Sleepy Little Village (Where The Dixie Cotton Grows)
3. Aileen Stanley - Sweet Indiana Home
4. Victor Roberts - Why Should I Cry Over You?
5. Club Royal Orchestra - Who'll Take My Place (When I'm Gone)
6. Club Royal Orchestra - Georgette
7. Club Royal Orchestra - The Sneak!
8. Zez Confrey Orchestra - Are You Playing Fair?
9. Benson Orchestra - Swanee Bluebird
10. All Star Trio - Just Because You're You (That's Why I Love You)
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This article appeared in the Des Moines Register, 
dated Tuesday, August 29, 1922.  

The records were played on Friday, September 1, 1922.

Contributed by: Paul Haney (Tuesday, 2019-08-20)

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