KMOX 1120 AM


Week: 1941-03-00
Format: Swing
                     KMOX 1120 – ST. LOUIS   
                        THE 1120 CLUB    
                       MARCH-APRIL, 1941      
    1. Because Of You – Shep Fields’ Orchestra                     
    2. That’s Good Enough For Me - Shep Fields’ Orchestra          
    3. Old Rockin’ Chair - Shep Fields’ Orchestra                  
    4. Georgia On My Mind - Shep Fields’ Orchestra                 
    5. You Should Be Set To Music – Tony Pastor’s Orchestra       
    6. Deep River - Tony Pastor’s Orchestra                       
    8. Oh Look At Me Now – Woody Herman’s Orchestra               
    9. Lazy River - Woody Herman’s Orchestra                      
   10. Whatcha Know, Joe? - Woody Herman’s Orchestra              
   11. There’s Be Some Changes Made - Woody Herman’s Orchestra    
   12. You Walk By – Charlie Barnet’s Orchestra                   
   13. Para Vega Me Voy - Charlie Barnet’s Orchestra              
   14. I Hear A Rhapsody - Charlie Barnet’s Orchestra             
   15. Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Charlie Barnet’s Orchestra       
   16. Love You Are Mine Tonight – Henry King’s Orchestra         
   17. There I Go - Henry King’s Orchestra                        
   18. This Is Our Dance - Henry King’s Orchestra                 
   19. The Moon & You & I - Henry King’s Orchestra                
   20. Please Kiss Me Goodnight - Henry King’s Orchestra          
   21. The Morning After - Henry King’s Orchestra                 
   22. This May Not Be Love - Henry King’s Orchestra              
   23. Toot That Trumpet – Sterling Young’s Orchestra             
   24. It All Comes Back To Me Now - Sterling Young’s Orchestra   
   25. So You’re The One - Sterling Young’s Orchestra             
   26. People Like You - Sterling Young’s Orchestra               
   27. Walkin By The River – Don Allen’s Orchestra                
   28. Just Quote Me - Don Allen’s Orchestra                      
   29. You’re A Mystery To Me - Don Allen’s Orchestra             
   30. Calling All Hearts - Don Allen’s Orchestra                 
   31. G’bye Now - Don Allen’s Orchestra                          
   32. Schottische At Sunrise - Don Allen’s Orchestra             
   33. Two In A Perfect Dream - Don Allen’s Orchestra             
   34. Here’s My Heart - Don Allen’s Orchestra                    
   35. The Sky Without The Stars - Don Allen’s Orchestra          
   36. Hawaii And You - Don Allen’s Orchestra                     
   37. Out Of A Clear Blue Sky - Don Allen’s Orchestra            
   38. Listen To My Heart - Don Allen’s Orchestra                 
   39. High On A Windy Hill – Isham Jones’ Orchestra              
   40. Let’s Dream This One Out - Isham Jones’ Orchestra          
   41. Mexicali Rose – Sung By Buddy Clark                        
   42. Frenesi – Johnny Rodriguez’s Orchestra                     
   43. Perfidia – Senor Clemente’s Orchestra                      
   44. Keep An Eye On Your Heart – Sung By Bob Hannon             
   45. I Can’t Remember To Forget - Sung By Bob Hannon            
   46. With A Twist Of The Wrist - Sung By Bob Hannon             
   47. I Give You My Word – Johnny Messner’s Orchestra            
   48. May I Never Love Again - Johnny Messner’s Orchestra        
   49. Accidently On Purpose - Johnny Messner’s Orchestra         
   50. Stranger - Johnny Messner’s Orchestra                      

NOTES: This is one of the earliest surveys, or anything resembling a 
numbered survey, on ARSA.  However, based on a reading of the introductory
paragraphs, this does not appear to be a listing based on song popularity 
but rather just a listing of KMOX’s playlist of songs available for 
listeners to call in and request by number.  We have checked on the majority 
of the listed songs and can find no studio recordings by the listed artists 
in the time period of the survey. It is presumed that these may have been 
live recordings on transcription discs.  Consequently, these songs will not 
be entered into the database but the survey is presented here "as is" for 
its historical significance and to preserve for others to enjoy! Special 
thanks to Frank Merrill for providing this unique piece of history!
  There is no #7 song listed on the survey.

6/1/19 - Added a KMOX Radio Log image from 1928. Although not directly
related to the 1941 "survey" on this page, felt this was historically 
significant enough to add somewhere on the site.  Image courtesy of

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Tuesday, 2018-01-16)

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