Week: 1957-03-15
Format: C&W
                       WHKK 640  AKRON                     
                    TOP TEN COUNTRY RECORDS                 
                        MARCH 15, 1957     
1. Ferlin Husky - Gone
2. Jim Edward, Maxine And Bonnie Brown - Money
2. Al Terry With Rusty And Doug - Money
3. Jim Reeves - Am I Losing You
4. Kitty Wells And Webb Pierce - Oh' So Many Years
5. Sonny James - Young Love
6. Webb Pierce - Someday
7. George Morgan - Don't Cry, For You I Love
8. Porter Wagoner - I Should Be With You
9. Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
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    1. Gone  Huskey                   
    2. Money  The Browns/Terry                                   
    3. Am I Losing You  Reeves                                  
    4. Oh So Many Years  Wells & Pierce                        
    5. Young Love  James                                         
    6. Someday  Pierce                                     
    7. Dont Cry, Its You I Love - Morgan                     
    8. I Should Be With You - Wagoner                    
    9. Walkin After Midnight  Cline                            
   10. Ive Got A New Heartache - Price

       NEXT FIVE
       Tomorrow Ill Be Gone  Shepard
       Thats The Way I Like You The Best  Smith
       Im Gonna Live Some  Young
       Uh Uh No  Jones
       It Takes A Worried Man - Tillis

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