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Week: 1971-11-10
Format: T40

November 10, 1971
1. Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
2. Cher - Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves
3. Bread - Baby I'm - A Want You
4. John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - Imagine
5. Freddie Hart - Easy Loving
6. Paul Anka - Do I Love You
7. The Lettermen - Love
8. Mickey Newbury - An American Trilogy
9. Sonny & Cher - All I Ever Need Is You
10. Peter Nero - Theme From "Summer Of '42"
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Melanie, with a brand new release, “Brand New Key”,
     Hit Bound on WMAK’s Super Hit Survey

Cover: John Young with his famous smile you hear and feel
               noon – 3 daily on WMAK.

Date note:”1972” jus' practicin’ fuh the nu yr

Song note cont:
HB #1 If she’d written this when she was 15, ok.I mean this is
Melanie Safka. But compare “Candles in the Rain” -> “Lay Down”.
Maybe it is a euphemism for sex. My theory is that the key is
for a car. (1) You buy a new set of skates, the key is included.
(2) “Don’t drive no car…”; “… who don’t drive…” [a car?]

Contributed by: Doug Dean (Thursday, 2022-10-20)

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