WGF 833 AM


Week: 1922-12-26
Format: Eclectic
Tonight's Radio Program

WGF, the Register and Tribune radio station, will
broadcast tonight an advance recital of selected
Victor record releases for January.  None of these
records have yet been heard by the public.  The program
includes a mixture of jazz, marches and first-class music.
The broadcasting will begin at 9:30.  The program follows:
1. Arthur Pryor's Band - Manisot March
2. Ignace Jan Paderewski - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 10
3. Billy Murray & Ed Smalle - Homesick
4. International Novelty Orchestra - The Chinese Billikens
5. Roy Bargy - Pianoflage
6. Clyde Doerr Orchestra - Swanee Smiles
7. Sergei Rachmaninoff - Waltz And Elfin Dance
8. Arthur Pryor's Band - The Kilties March
9. Roy Bargy - Knice And Knifty
10. Paul Whiteman Orchestra - Sweetheart Lane
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Contributed by: Paul Haney (Saturday, 2019-09-28)

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