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Week: 1977-11-16
Format: Progressive
               WCMF 96.5  ROCHESTER
                 NOVEMBER 16, 1977
1. Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
2. War - Galaxy
3. Queen - News Of The World
4. Annie Haslam - Annie In Wonderland
5. Eric Clapton - Slowhand
6. Genesis - Seconds Out
7. Player - Player
8. Horslips - The Book Of Invasions A Celtic Symphony
9. Jess Roden - The Player Not The Game
10. Joan Armatrading - Show Some Emotion
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 Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
 Galaxy  War
 News Of The World  Queen
 Annie In Wonderland  Annie Haslam
 Slow Hand  Eric Clapton
 Seconds Out  Genesis
 Book Of Invasions  Horslips
 The Player Not The Game  Jess Roden
 Show Some Emotion  Joan Armatrading

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