Week: 1972-04-28
Format: T40
Friedman's Forty
CKRW music director Ray Friedman
has selected these discs for his
rock playlist this week.
1. Sonny & Cher - A Cowboys Work Is Never Done
2. America - A Horse With No Name
3. Crazy Horse - All Alone Now
4. The Partridge Family (Starring Shirley Jones; Featuring David Cassidy) - Am I Losing You
5. The Hollies - The Baby
6. Badfinger - Baby Blue
7. Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo
8. Three Dog Night - The Family Of Man
9. Long Time Comin' - Funny
10. The Guess Who - Heartbroken Bopper
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The records are listed alphabetically,
their relative merit is a matter of
personal opinion. They can be heard
tonight between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
on CKRW.

Contributed by: Tammy Rodriguez (Monday, 2022-01-10)

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