KEZO 92.3 FM


Week: 1986-07-00
Format: AOR
                      KEZO 92.3 - OMAHA    
                      JULY PROGRAM GUIDE  
                   Z-92 TOP 20 ROCK ALBUMS
                         JULY 1986        
    1. So  Peter Gabriel                                          
    2. Top Gun - Soundtrack                                        
    3. Invisible Touch - Genesis                                   
    4. The Other Side Of Life  Moody Blues                        
    5. Who Made Who  AC/DC                                        
    6. Action Replay  Howard Jones                                
    7. Like A Rock  Bob Seger                                     
    8. 5150  Van Halen                                           
    9. Mistrial  Lou Reed                                        
   10. Tuff Enuff  Fabulous Thunderbirds                         
   11. Walkabout  The Fixx                                       
   12. Strength In Numbers - .38 Special                          
   13. Play Deep  The Outfield                                   
   14. Reconciled  The Call                                      
   15. G.T.R.  G.T.R.                                            
   16. Riptide  Robert Palmer                                    
   17. Raised On Radio  Journey                                  
   18. Emerson, Lake & Powell  Emerson, Lake & Powell            
   19. Rod Stewart  Rod Stewart                                  
   20. Afterburner  ZZ Top                                       

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