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Week: 1975-04-19
Format: Progressive
                     KZEL 96.1  EUGENE
                       APRIL 19, 1975
1. 10cc - The Original Soundtrack
2. Ambrosia - Ambrosia
3. Rick Wakeman - The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
4. Long John Baldry - Good To Be Alive
5. Rick Derringer - Spring Fever
6. John Prine - Common Sense
7. Bad Company - Straight Shooter
8. Humble Pie - Street Rats
9. Kiss - Dressed To Kill
10. Grinderswitch - Macon Tracks
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 Original Soundtrack  10cc
 Myths & Legends Of King Arthur  Rick Wakeman
 Good To Be Alive  John Baldry
 Spring Fever  Rick Derringer
 Common Sense  John Prine
 Straight Shooter  Bad Company
 Street Rats  Humble Pie
 Dressed To Kill  Kiss
 Macon Tracks  Grinderswitch
 Will O The Wisp  Leon Russell
 Manhattan Transfer
 Time & Tide  Greenslade
 Chase Away The Clouds  Chuck Mangione
 Dark Saloon  Rabbit

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