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Week: 1972-03-04
Format: Progressive
                     KWFM 92.9  TUCSON 
                        MARCH 4, 1972
1. Harry Chapin - Heads & Tales
2. Neil Young - Harvest
3. Les McCann - Invitation To Openness
4. Dave Mason - Headkeeper
5. Donny Hathaway - Donny Hathaway Live
6. Curtiss Maldoon - Curtiss Maldoon
7. Wilderness Road - Wilderness Road
8. Firesign Theatre - Dear Friends
9. Fairport Convention - "Babbacombe" Lee
10. Gary St. Clair - Gary St. Clair
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 Heads And Tales  Harry Chapin
 Harvest  Neil Young
 Invitation To Openness  Les McCann
 Headkeeper  Dave Mason
 Live  Donny Hathaway
 Curtiss Maldoon - Curtiss Maldoon
 Wilderness Road  Wilderness Road
 Dear Friends  Firesign Theater
 Babbacombe Lee  Fairport Convention
 Gary St. Clair  Gary St. Clair
This is a published album list compiled by Steve Russell.

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