KZEL 96.1 FM


Week: 1972-05-13
Format: Progressive
                    KZEL 96.1  EUGENE 
                       MAY 13, 1972
1. Jeff Beck Group - Jeff Beck Group
2. James Luther Dickinson - Dixie Fried
3. The Dillards - Roots And Branches
4. Finnegan & Wood - Crazed Hipsters
5. Luis Gasca - Luis Gasca
6. Mandrill - Mandrill Is
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 Jeff Beck Group  Jeff Beck
 Dixie Fried  James Luther Dickinson
 Roots And Branches  Dillards
 Crazed Hipsters  Finnegan & Wood
 Luis Gasca  Luis Gasca
 Mandrill Is  Mandrill
This is a published album list compiled by Stan Garrett.

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