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Week: 1972-05-13
Format: Progressive
                    KWFM 92.9  TUCSON 
                       MAY 13, 1972
1. George Benson - White Rabbit
2. Ronee Blakley - Ronee Blakley
3. Roger Cook - Meanwhile Back At The World
4. Flash - Flash
5. Four Tops - Nature Planned It
6. Grand Funk Railroad - Mark, Don & Mel 1969-71
7. Janis Joplin - Joplin In Concert
8. Mountain - Live (The Road Goes Ever On)
9. Dewey Terry - Chief
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 White Rabbit  George Benson
 Ronee Blakley  Ronee Blakley
 Meanwhile  Roger Cook
 Flash  Flash
 Nature Planned It  Four Tops
 Greatest Hits  Grand Funk Railroad
 In Concert  Janis Joplin
 The Road Goes Ever On  Mountain
 Chief  Terry Dewey

This is a published album list compiled by Steve Russell.

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Saturday, 2020-04-04)

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