KFML 98.5 FM


Week: 1972-05-20
Format: Progressive
                    KFML 98.5  DENVER
                        MAY 20, 1972
1. Joan Baez - Come From The Shadows
2. Geronimo Black - Geronimo Black
3. Jeffrey Cain - Whispering Thunder
4. John Hammond - I'm Satisfied
5. Freddy King - Texas Cannonball
6. Harvey Mandel - The Snake
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 Come In From The Shadows  Joan Baez
 Geronimo Black  Geronimo Black
 Whispering Thunder  Jeffrey Cain
 Im Satisfied  John Paul Hammond
 Texas Cannonball  Freddie King
 The Snake  Harvey Mandel

This is a published album list compiled by Tom Trunnell.

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