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Week: 1972-06-24
Format: Progressive
                      KWFM 92.9  TUCSON
                         JUNE 24, 1972
1. Randy Brook - One More Highway
2. Charlie Daniels - Te John, Grease And Wolfman
3. Eagles - Eagles
4. Foghat - Foghat
5. Kim Fowley - I'm Bad
6. Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace
7. Elton John - Honky Chateau
8. Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds
9. Eric Von Schmidt - 2nd Right 3rd Row
10. Sha Na Na - The Night Is Still Young
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 One More Highway  Randy Brook
 Te John, Grease & Wolfman  Charlie Daniels
 Eagles  Eagles
 Foghat  Foghat
 Im Bad  Kim Fowley
 Amazing Grace  Aretha Franklin
 Honky Chateau  Elton John
 Obscured By Clouds  Pink Floyd
 Second Right, Third Row  Eric Von Schmidt
 The Night Is Still Young  Sha Na Na
 Blues Roots  Ike Turner

This is a published album list compiled by Allan Browning.

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