WCOL 92.3 FM


Week: 1972-07-29
Format: Progressive
                WCOL 92.3  COLUMBUS  
                   JULY 29, 1972
1. The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street
2. Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
3. Curved Air - Phantasmagoria
4. Emerson, Lake And Palmer - Trilogy
5. Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan - The Phlorescent Leech And Eddie
6. Banana And The Bunch - Mid-Mountain-Ranch
7. Allen Toussaint - Life, Love And Faith
8. Steve Young - Seven Bridges Road
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 Toulouse Street  Doobie Brothers
 Captain Beyond  Captain Beyond
 Phantasmagoria  Curved Air
 Trilogy  Emerson, Lake & Palmer
 Phlorescent Leech And Eddie  Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan
 Mid Mountain Ranch  Banana & The Bunch
 Life, Love & Faith  Allan Toussaint
 Seven Bridges Road  Steve Young

This is a published album list compiled by Lou Henry.

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