KZEL 96.1 FM


Week: 1980-05-07
Format: AOR
                    KZEL 96.1  EUGENE 
                       MAY 7, 1980
1. Ted Nugent - Scream Dream
2. Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public
3. Terence Boylan - Suzy
4. Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons - Screaming Targets
5. Alice Cooper - Flush The Fashion
6. DB Cooper - Buy American
7. Pete Townshend - Empty Glass
8. Bram Tchaikovsky - Pressure
9. Pat Travers Band - Crash And Burn
10. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Against The Wind
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 Scream Dream  Ted Nugent
 Growing Up In Public  Lou Reed
 Suzy  Terence Boylan
 Screaming Targets  Jo Jo Zep
 Flush The Fashion  Alice Cooper
 Buy American  D.B. Cooper
 Empty Glass  Pete Townshend
 Pressure  Bram Tchaikovsky
 Crash And Burn  Pat Travers Band 
 Against The Wind  Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
This is a published album list compiled by Chris Kovarik & P. Mays.

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