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Week: 1973-01-20
Format: Progressive
              WKTK 105.7 - CATONSVILLE
                 JANUARY 20, 1973
1. Alexis Korner & Snape - Accidentally Borne In New Orleans
2. The Beach Boys - Holland
3. Paul Butterfield's Better Days - Paul Butterfield's Better Days
4. Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are!
5. The Guess Who - Artificial Paradise
6. Climax Blues Band - Rich Man
7. Claudia Lennear - Phew!
8. Gram Parsons - GP
9. Bruce Springsteen - Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
10. Paul Stookey - One Night Stand
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 Accidentally Born In New Orleans  Alexis Korner & Snape
 Holland  Beach Boys
 Better Days  Paul Butterfield
 Who Do We Think We Are  Deep Purple
 Artificial Paradise  Guess Who
 Rich Man  Climax Blues Band
 Phew  Claudia Lennear
 G.P.  Gram Parsons
 Greetings From Asbury Park New Jersey  Bruce Springsteen
 One Night Stand  Paul Stookey
This is a published album list compiled by Pete Larkin.

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