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Week: 1973-03-24
Format: Progressive
                    KPPC 106.7  PASADENA
                       MARCH 24, 1973
1. The Byrds - Byrds
2. Donovan - Cosmic Wheels
3. Andy Bown - Sweet William
4. Electric Light Orchestra - Electric Light Orchestra II
5. Jo Jo Gunne - Bite Down Hard
6. Humble Pie - Eat It
7. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon
8. Todd Rundgren - A Wizard/A True Star
9. The Temptations - Masterpiece
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 Byrds  Byrds
 Cosmic Wheels  Donovan
 Sweet William  Andy Bown
 Electric Light Orchestra 2  Electric Light Orchestra
 Bite Down Hard  Jo Jo Gunne
 Eat It  Humble Pie
 Dark Side Of The Moon  Pink Floyd
 A Wizard, A True Star  Todd Rundgren
 Masterpiece  Temptations

 This is a published album list compiled by Peter Franklin.

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