KRST 92.3 FM


Week: 1973-05-05
Format: Progressive
                   KRST 92.3  ALBUQUERQUE 
                         MAY 5, 1973
1. The Blue Ridge Rangers - The Blue Ridge Rangers
2. Tim Davis - Take Me As I Am (Without Silver Without Gold)
3. Gallagher & Lyle - Willie And The Lapdog
4. Heads, Hands & Feet - Old Soldiers Never Die
5. Michael Kamen - New York Rock
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 Blue Ridge Rangers  Blue Ridge Rangers
 Take Me As I Am  Tim Davis
 Willie & The Lapdog  Gallagher & Lyle
 Old Soldiers Never Die  Heads, Hands & Feet
 New York Rock  Michael Kamen
This is a published album list compiled by Steve Suplin.

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