WRBB 91.7 FM


Week: 1970-12-12
Format: Progressive
                     WRBB 91.7 - BOSTON 
                      DECEMBER 12, 1970
1. The Grateful Dead - American Beauty
2. Conception Corporation - A Pause In The Disaster
3. Norman Greenbaum - Back Home Again
4. Henry Tree - Electric Holy Man
5. Jaime Brockett - Jaime Brockett 2
6. Little Feat - Little Feat
7. Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society - Rahsaan Rahsaan
8. The Incredible String Band - U
9. Buddy Miles - We Got To Live Together
10. Jefferson Airplane - The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane
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 American Beauty  Grateful Dead
 A Pause In The Disaster  Conception Corporation
 Back Home Again  Norman Greenbaum
 Electric Holy Man  Henry Tree
 Jaime Brockett 2  Jaime Brockett
 Little Feat
 Rahsaan Rahsaan  Rahsaan Roland Kirk
 U  Incredible String Band
 We Got To Live Together  Buddy Miles
 Worst Of The Jefferson Airplane  Jefferson Airplane

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