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Week: 1970-12-12
Format: Progressive
                      WEDR 99.1 - MIAMI
                      DECEMBER 12, 1970
1. Richie Havens - Alarm Clock
2. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
3. The Grateful Dead - American Beauty
4. Norman Greenbaum - Back Home Again
5. Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship - Blows Against The Empire
6. Duncan Pain - Duncan Pain
7. Soundtrack (Original Cast) - Jesus Christ Superstar
8. J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band
9. Yes - Time And A Word
10. Van Morrison - His Band And The Street Choir
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 Alarm Clock  Richie Havens
 All Things Must Pass  George Harrison
 American Beauty  Grateful Dead
 Back Home Again  Norman Greenbaum
 Blows Against The Empire  Paul Kantner
 Duncan Pain
 Jesus Christ Superstar  Soundtrack
 J. Geils Band
 Time And A Word  Yes
 His Band And Street Choir  Van Morrison

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Friday, 2021-09-24)