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Week: 1973-08-25
Format: Progressive
                    KAFM 92.5  DALLAS
                      AUGUST 25, 1973
1. Chuck Berry - Bio
2. Blood, Sweat & Tears - No Sweat
3. Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint - Lo & Behold
4. Doug Kershaw - Douglas James Kershaw
5. B.B. King - To Know You Is To Love You
6. Gene Parsons - Kindling
7. John Renbourn - John Renbourn
8. The Section - Forward Motion
9. Johnny Winter - Austin Texas
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 Bio  Chuck Berry
 No Sweat  Blood, Sweat & Tears
 Lo & Behold  Coulson, Dean, McGuiness & Flint
 Douglas James Kershaw  Doug Kershaw
 To Know You Is To Love You  B.B. King
 Kindling  Gene Parsons
 John Renbourn  John Renbourn
 Forward Motion  The Section
 Austin Texas  Johnny Winter
 This is a published album list compiled by Loretta Angeline.

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