KGB 833 AM


Week: 1923-01-24
Format: Eclectic
Columbia February Release Records

These records are the newest out, arriving in Tacoma only Monday.  They are
played by The Ledger station (KGB) through the co-operation of the Hopper-Kelly Company.

This is the first installment.  The second installment will air this coming 
Saturday (Jan. 27).
1. The Happy Six - Dumbell
2. Yerkes' S.S. Flotilla Orchestra - Ivy
3. Columbia Dance Orchestra - Call Me Back Pal O'Mine
4. Columbia Dance Orchestra - Save The Last Waltz For Me
5. Margaret Romaine - I Passed By Your Window
6. Margaret Romaine - Deep In Your Eyes
7. Lucy Gates - Sweet And Low
8. Lucy Gates - Chiming Bells Of Long Ago
9. Teddy MacKenzie - Dreams Of Long Ago
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Contributed by: Paul Haney (Tuesday, 2022-01-11)