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Week: 1961-04-03
Format: T40
This is another CHUM April Fools Day chart, an annual tradition from 1959-
1965. The joke entries on this chart are full of excruciating puns ... but
every entry corresponds to the real chart placing of an actual hit. 

For the sake of database integrity, the database entries contain the 
real titles and artists. 

Survey courtesy of Craig Puccio.

3	1	The Guided Missiles	             Blew Moon
8	2	George Washington	             I Don't Know Lie
41	3	Howdy-Doody	                     Wooden Heart
2	4	Musical Measels Men	             A-Rashy
4	5	Handy Stewart	                     Ronald, Where' s Your Rougers?
9	6	Joyce Davidson	                     Greener Pastures
1	7	Spy-Pilot Powers	             Surrender-Lonely Man
5	8	"He Ish Not!"	                     Asia Minor
6	9	"Sure! Two"	                     Ebony Eyes?
6	9	The Needlers	                     Salk Right Back
10	10	The Ravens	                     Poe-Any Time
14	11	Tummy Tunes	                     Rumble Boogie
15	12	Brendan Behan	                     On The Tea-Bound
16	13	Conn Smythe	                     "Happy Birthday, Blues!"
21	14	The Toreadors	                     The Touchy-Bulls
30	15	Eve	                             Find Another Girl
37	16	Al Boliska	                     Pun-Away
31	17	…Four-Five-Six…	                     Wa-Tu-Si…
34	18	"The Newspaper Fired Another Horse"  Pony Ex-Press
32	19	Casper Milque-Ghost	             Baby Boo
35	20	Bee Bumble	                     She Wears My Sting
7	21	The Dancshing Schots	             A Schottische Sholdier
11	22	The Russians	                     Boast Riders In The Sky
12	23	The Singin' Subway Diggers	     Don't Hurry
13	24	The Little Letters	             Whe-els
17	25	The Hypochondriacs	             Medicated, To The One I Love
18	26	Pierre Berton	                     I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee
47	27	The Sales Taxers	             Please Tell Me Why
47	27	Mom	                             Your One And Only Love
46	28	Sam Etcheverry	                     That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On
45	29	Red Skelton	                     Just For Old Mime's Sake
50	30	The Greedy Group	             Poor Trait Of My Love
40	31	The Young Lions	Take                 Good Care Of 'GRR'
39	32	Ed Sullivan	                     I've Told Every Star
20	33	Zsa Zsa Gabor	                     Cold Gold Heart
22	34	The Happy Days Dozen	             Lazy Liver
23	35	The Newlyweds	                     Tarts Of Stone
26	36	The Sugar Daddies	             Mink Twice For My Baby
24	37	Chum dee-jays	                     Havin' Fun
27	38	Arthur Miller	                     You Can Have Her
44	39	Paul Anka Paul	                     Tonight My Love Tonight
--	40	The Sub-Division-Six	             A Hundred Mounds Of Clay
36	41	Ben Ree King	                     Spanish Onion/First Taste Of Garlic
29	42	Attila & The Boys	             The Last Hun Rise
29	42	William Tell	                     I Miss You
--	43	Liz Taylor	                     Muddled Girl
28	44	The Four Minute Milers	             "Good Time, Baby!"
28	44	"Waiter, Bring Me A Good Year"	     Cherie
--	45	The Peking Chorale	             Aah So,--- Look Me Over
25	46	"You Talk Funny!"	             Where The Boys Are?
25	46	New York Rangers	             No Won
--	47	The Kennedys	                     Love Theme From Mon-Eyed Jacks
19	48	Dennis The Menace	             Little Boy Bad
--	49	The Wishing Wells	             "Tonight I Fell In, Love."
--	50	The 101 Dalmation	             Fleas Love Me Forever

A few of the puns would only have made sense to Toronto audiences, or to audiences of the time:

#6 - Well-known Canadian reporter Joyce Davidson had relocated to the US to be the co-host
(with Mike Wallace) of a new night-time talk show called PM East/PM West.  
Designed to compete against Jack Paar's Tonight Show, it lasted from June 1961 
to June 1962.  Davidson later returned to Canada as an afternoon talk show
host in the 1970s.

#7 - A topical reference to Francis Gary Powers, a CIA pilot shot down and
captured by USSR forces in 1960.  At the time this chart was printed, Powers
was in a Russian prison, having been convicted of espionage. He was widely 
regarded with suspicion in the US for having failed to activate his
aircraft’s self-destruct charge to destroy the camera, photographic film, 
and related classified parts of his aircraft before his capture.  

#12 - Irish playwright Brendan Behan was noted as an especially heavy drinker;  
around this time, it was announced he had developed diabetes as a result of his
alcohol consumption. It was expected Behan would stop drinking as a result, but
he did not, and diabetic comas and seizures occurred regularly in the remaining
few years of his life.  

#13 - Conn Smythe owned the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, whose uniforms
were blue and white.

#16 - CHUM morning man Al Boliska was noted for his feature "The World's Worst

#23 - The University line of Toronto's TTC subway system was under construction
at the time, and was presumably behind schedule.

#26 - Canadian author and celebrity Pierre Berton had recently won the Leacock 
Medal for his humour collection "Just Add Water And Stir".  The widely-
read title essay was a scathing attack on the poor quality of instant coffee.

#28 - Star Canadian football player Sam Etcheverry was in the news for quitting
the Canadian Football League to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL.

#38 - Playwright Arthur Miller had just divorced his movie star wife Marilyn Monroe.

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Monday, 2010-03-08)

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