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Week: 1973-09-15
Format: Progressive
                  WCMF 96.5  ROCHESTER
                   SEPTEMBER 15, 1973
1. Art Garfunkel - Angel Clare
2. Don Nix - Hobos, Heroes, And Street Corner Clowns
3. The Earl Scruggs Revue - The Earl Scruggs Revue
4. B.W. Stevenson - My Maria
5. War - Deliver The Word
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 Angel Clare  Art Garfunkel
 Hobos, Heroes And Street Corner Clowns  Don Nix
 Earl Scruggs Revue  Earl Scruggs
 My Maria  B.W. Stevenson
 Deliver The Word - War

 This is a published album list compiled by Bernie Kimball.

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