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Week: 1977-03-31
Format: Progressive
                   WOUR 96.9  UTICA
                     MARCH 31, 1977
1. Asleep At The Wheel - The Wheel
2. Emerson, Lake And Palmer - Works, Volume 1
3. Keith Sykes - The Way That I Feel
4. The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Toucan Do It Too
5. Les Dudek - Say No More
6. Steve Hunter - Swept Away
7. Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood
8. Richard Torrance - Bareback
9. The Big Wha-Koo - The Big Wha-Koo
10. Nils Lofgren - I Came To Dance
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 The Wheel  Asleep At The Wheel
 Works Volume 1  Emerson, Lake & Palmer
 The Way That I Feel  Keith Sykes
 Toucan Can Do It  Amazing Rhythm Aces
 Say No More  Les Dudek
 Swept Away  Steve Hunter
 Songs From The Wood  Jethro Tull
 Bareback  Richard Torrance
 The Big Wha-Koo
 I Came To Dance  Nils Lofgren

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