WRBB 91.7 FM


Week: 1971-04-03
Format: Progressive
                   WRBB 91.7 - BOSTON 
                      APRIL 3, 1971
1. Elton John - Friends
2. Glass Harp - Glass Harp
3. David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name
4. John Coltrane - Live In Seattle
5. Alice Cooper - Love It To Death
6. Mary Travers - Mary
7. Carole King - Tapestry
8. The Grease Band - Grease Band
9. Merryweather & Carey - Vacuum Cleaner
10. Goose Creek Symphony - Welcome To Goose Creek
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 Friends  Elton John
 Glass Harp
 If I Could Only Remember My Name  David Crosby
 Live In Seattle  John Coltrane 
 Love It To Death  Alice Cooper
 Mary  Mary Travers
 Tapestry  Carole King
 The Grease Band
 Vacuum Cleaner  Merryweather & Carey
 Welcome To Goose Creek  Goose Creek Symphony

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