WHCR 88.3 FM


Week: 1972-02-11
Format: T40
                     WHCR 88.3 - PALATINE 
                     HARPER COLLEGE RADIO
                 WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 11, 1972
    1. My World  Bee Gees                                        
    2. Stay With Me  Faces                                        
    3. Black Dog  Led Zeppelin                                    
    4. Big Brother  Rare Earth                                    
    5. Anticipation  Carly Simon                                   
    6. City Of New Orleans  Steve Goodman                        
    7. Under My Wheels  Alice Cooper                              
    8. Roundabout  Yes                                           
    9. Reason To Believe  Rod Stewart
   10. Nappy Head  War
   11. Without You  Nilsson
   12. Joy  Apollo 100
   13. Save Me  Atomic Rooster
   14. Never Been To Spain  3 Dog Night                           
   15. Hallelujah  Sweat Hog                                     

    1. Fragile  Yes      
    2. Pictures At An Exhibition  Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    3. Bangla Desh  George Harrison                              
    4. Madman Across The Water  Elton John                       
    5. Baby, Im A Want You  Bread
    6. Jamming With Edward  Rolling Stones
    7. Loose  Crazy Horse
    8. Spotlight Kid  Captain Beefheart
    9. Harmony  3 Dog Night           
   10. Low Spark Of Hi Heeled Boys  Traffic
   11. Led Zeppelin  Led Zeppelin                                
   12. Music  Carole King   
   13. Intermounting Flame  John Mclaughlin
   14. R.E.O. Speedwagon  R.E.O. Speedwagon
   15. Rare Earth In Concert  Rare Earth
   16. Island  King Crimson
   17. Green House  Leo Kottke
   18. Detroit  Mitch Ryder
   19. American Pie  Don Mclean
   20. Live At Carnegie Hall - Chicago

    1. Hallelujah  Sweat Hog                                     
    2. Weird Scenes In A Gold Mine  Doors
    3. Paul Simon  Paul Simon
    4. Mike Harrison  Mike Harrison
    5. Peter  Peter Yarrow

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