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Week: 1971-04-10
Format: Progressive
             KSAN 94.9  SAN FRANCISCO
                  APRIL 10, 1971
1. Jethro Tull - Aqualung
2. Buddy Miles - A Message To The People
3. John Mayall - Back To The Roots
4. Sonny Phillips - Black On Black!
5. The Nice - Elegy
6. Dennis Coffey Trio - Hair And Thangs
7. Swamp Dogg - Rat On!
8. Stoneground - Stoneground
9. The Credibility Gap - The Credibility Gap Presents Woodschtick And More
10. Soundtrack (Movie) - Woodstock Two
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 Aqualung  Jethro Tull
 A Message To The People  Buddy Miles
 Back To The Roots  John Mayall
 Black On Black  Sonny Phillips
 Elegy  The Nice
 Hair And Thangs  Dennis Coffey
 Rat On  Swamp Dog
 Woodschtick  Credibility Gap
 Woodstock Two - Soundtrack

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