WOOK 1340 AM


Week: 1963-09-27
Format: R&B
Bob King
1. Mary Wells - What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One
2. Billy Butler & The Four Enchanters - Found True Love
3. Billy Guy - Whip It On Me Baby
4. The Impressions - It's All Right
5. The Five Du-Tones - The Flea
6. Mary Wells - You Lost The Sweetest Boy
7. Cholli Maye - You Will Never Get Away
8. Johnny Stewart - Misery Loves Company
9. Jay Wiggins - Sad Girl
10. Chuck Johnson - Competition
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Taken from weekly survey of Washington, D.C. area DJs
Published in the (Washington) Evening Star 9/27/1963

Contributed by: J. A. Theroux (Tuesday, 2022-09-27)

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