WEEL 1310 AM


Week: 1962-09-28
Format: T40
Jack Alix
1. The Sherrys - Pop Pop Pop - Pie
2. Marvin Gaye - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
3. The Crystals - He's A Rebel
4. Mike Clifford - Close To Cathy
5. Neil Sedaka - Next Door To An Angel
6. Duane Eddy - (Dance With The) Guitar Man
7. Gene Pitney - Only Love Can Break A Heart
8. Kathy Young And The Innocents - Dreamboy
9. Dee Clark - I'm Going Back To School
10. Bobby Rydell - The Cha-Cha-Cha
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Taken from weekly survey of Washington, D.C. area DJs
Published in the (Washington) Evening Star 9/28/1962

Contributed by: J. A. Theroux (Wednesday, 2022-09-28)

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