KAFM 92.5 FM


Week: 1973-10-13
Format: Progressive
                    KAFM 92.5  DALLAS
                     OCTOBER 13, 1973
1. Tim Buckley - Sefronia
2. Michael Franks - Michael Franks
3. Mandrill - Just Outside Of Town
4. Steve Miller Band - The Joker
5. Lou Reed - Berlin
6. Slade - Sladest
7. Three Dog Night - Cyan
8. Roy Wood - Boulders
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 Sefronia  Tim Buckley
 Michael Franks
 Just Outside Of Town  Mandrill
 The Joker  Steve Miller Band
 Berlin  Lou Reed
 Sladest  Slade
 Cyan  Three Dog Night
 Boulders  Roy Wood
This is a published album list compiled by Loretta Angeline.

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