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Week: 1977-08-24
Format: Progressive
                 WCMF 96.5  ROCHESTER
                    AUGUST 24, 1977
1. Terence Boylan - Terence Boylan
2. Papa John Creach - The Cat And The Fiddle
3. Harry Chapin - Dance Band On The Titanic
4. Eric Carmen - Boats Against The Current
5. City Boy - Young Men Gone West
6. Foghat - Foghat Live
7. The Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station
8. Horslips - The Book Of Invasions A Celtic Symphony
9. Supertramp - Even In The Quietest Moments...
10. Steve Winwood - Steve Winwood
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 Terence Boylan
 The Cat And The Fiddle  Papa John Creach
 Dance Band On The Titanic  Harry Chapin
 Boats Against The Current  Eric Carmen
 Young Men Gone West  City Boy
 Live  Foghat
 Terrapin Station  Grateful Dead
 Book Of Invasions  Horslips 
 Even In The Quietest Moments  Supertramp
 Steve Winwood

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