Week: 1962-02-02
Format: Jazz
Felix Grant
1. Oscar Peterson Trio - The Sound Of The Trio
2. Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - The Indispensable Duke Ellington
3. Joyce Collins Trio - Girl Here Plays Mean Piano
4. Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - Recording Together For The First Time
5. George Shearing And The Montgomery Brothers - George Shearing And The Montgomery Brothers
6. Billie Holiday - The Essential Billie Holiday - Carnegie Hall Concert
7. Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come
8. Sammy Price & His Bluesicians - The Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Good Man Feelin' Bad
9. John Letman - The Many Angles Of John Letman
10. Oscar Peterson Trio - Very Tall
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Taken from a weekly survey of Washington, D.C. area DJs
Published in the (Washington) Evening Star 2/2/1962

Contributed by: J. A. Theroux (Friday, 2023-02-03)

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