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Week: 1959-06-01
Format: T40
1. Johnny Horton - The Battle Of New Orleans
2. Dion And The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love
3. Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City
4. Lloyd Price - (You've Got) Personality
5. (The Exotic Sounds Of) Martin Denny - Quiet Village
6. Edward Byrnes And Connie Stevens - Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)
7. Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
8. The Impalas - Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
9. Franck Pourcel's French Fiddles - Only You
10. Connie Francis - Frankie
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Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Friday, 2012-06-01)

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