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Week: 1962-04-02
Format: T40
This is another CHUM April Fools Day chart, an annual tradition from 1959-
1965. The joke entries on this chart are full of excruciating puns ... but
every entry corresponds to the real chart placing of an actual hit. 

For the sake of database integrity, the database entries contain the 
real titles and artists. 

Survey courtesy of Craig Puccio.

4	1	Hull's Flashing 50                Good Puck Charm
4       1       Nate	                          Anything That's Party Is You
7	2	Shut Up! Shut Up!	          Shout! Shout! 
1	3	…Went Up The Hill	          Jack An' Gel…
2	4	Sampson	                          Please Don't Ask About Barbers
6	5	Freud's Fink	                  Jung World
3	6	The Hatchet Wars	          Hong, Key Tong Man
12	7	Hot-Rod Harriet	                  Glad Drag Doll
14	8	Than On What?	                  Stranger On The Shore
9	9	Lester Pearson	                  Let Me Win
23	10	The X-Ray Technicians	          The Lung Ones
10	11	The Bank Clerk Quartet	          Four Tune Teller
5	12	The Tone Deafs	                  She Can't Find Her Key
8	13	Roy Orbis' Son	                  Dream Baby 
18	14	Patterson And The Ring-A-Rounds	  Glove Me Warm And Tender
16	15	Jack Kent Cooke	                  Take Me Back
13	16	Ben Casey	                  Yes, Cerebrum
39	17	The Italian Street Singers	  One-A-Way
17	18	The Musical Mafia	          Steal, Men
11	19	Tony The Thomson Times 'Tographer Mr. Jones
26	20	The Rockin' Road Signs	          Slow! Twistin'!
19	21	The Dazzling Dentures	          Charlie's Chews
15	22	The Easter                        Bonnie
15      22      Tony Curtis	                  Lose Her
42	23	Howlin' Coward	                  She Called Me Baby
21	24	Florence Nightingale	          Come Back Pilly Girl
22	25	Bruce Channel #5	          Spray, Baby
30	26	The H-Bombs	                  Rubble's Back In Town
47	27	Chum Chart Writer	          Help Me
49	28	Chum Chart Editor	          All Of This Is Silly
20	29	Jean Newman	                  My Comebacks Have Boomeranged
27	30	Butter-Fingers Dr. Kildare	  Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
25	31	Prince Charles	                  Her Royal Tad-jesty
28	32	The Rye-Vals	                  Lollipops And Four Roses
45	33	The Mechanical Man	          Walk On, Toy
32	34	Pinocchio	                  Ears Broke Out On Me
24	35	The B. C. Blasters	          Duke O' Bour
--	36	Hamilton Stadium	          Cat Arena
31	37	Eddie Fisher	                  Break It To Me Gently
34	38	…Munks …Munks	                  Chip Chip
--	39	Burl Hives	                  Funny Way Of Laughin'
33	40	…Anytime	                  Kum By A…
29	41	Mrs. O'Leary	                  Midnight And Mo's Cow
--	42	The Higher Hemlines	          Pop-Eyed Stroll
36	43	Al Boliska	                  Jock On The Wild Side
35	44	My Name, Jose Jimenez	          What's Your Name
--	45	The Slave Traders	          Sold Your Boy
40	46	Bo Peep	                          She's Got Ewes
37	47	The Baker's Man	                  Patti Cake
--	48	Rock Oss	                  Cinderjello
41	49	Chubby Rainchecker	          The Twister
--	50	Zsa Zsa Gabor	                  Dear One

A few of the puns would only have made sense to Toronto audiences of the time.

- #9 - Lester "Mike" Pearson was then running for the position of Canadian
Prime Minster.  He did not win the election that June, but won enough seats
in parliament to reduce the ruling PC party to a minority.  The following
year, Pearson forced another election and became Prime Minister.

- #15: Toronto multi-millionare businessman Jack Kent Cooke left Canada
in the early 1960s for the US, after he was denied permission to open a new
Toronto TV station. 

- #19: The Thomson news chain was prominent throughout Canada, although 
what specific incident this entry refers to is obscure.

- #36: The Hamilton Tiger Cats football team played in Hamilton Stadium, 
an hour's drive from Toronto

- #43: Al Boliska, a "Jock on the Wild Side", was CHUM's 'wild' morning Disc jockey.

Both entries at #1 defy explanation for the time being.  If you know the
full meaning of these punning entries, please post on "Chart Chat"!   

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Monday, 2013-04-15)

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