KGA 1510 AM


Week: 1949-01-29
Format: Popular
1. Margaret Whiting - Far Away Places
2. Paula Watson - A Little Bird Told Me
3. Dinah Shore - Buttons And Bows
4. Evelyn Knight - Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
5. Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - In The Mood
6. Eddy Howard And His Orchestra - On A Slow Boat To China
7. Toni Harper - Dolly's Lullaby
8. Tex Williams - Life Gits Tee-jus, Don't It?
9. Dick "Two-Ton" Baker - I Wuv A Wabbit
10. Dennis Day - Johnny Appleseed Overture
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This is a published Top 10 chart compiled by KGA disk jockey Larry Doyle.

Contributed by: Paul Haney (Monday, 2016-11-28)