WOW 590 AM


Week: 1970-08-02
Format: MOR
                        WOW 590 – OMAHA      
                 THESE ARE “COMERS” ON WOW RADIO
                         AUGUST 2, 1970                        
1. The Neighborhood - Big Yellow Taxi
2. Jack Gold Sound - Summer Symphony
3. Elvis Presley - I've Lost You
4. Elvis Presley - The Next Step Is Love
5. Green Lyte Sunday Featuring Susan Darby - Chelsea Morning
6. Oliver - I Can Remember
7. Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
8. Robert Mersey Concept - Reflections Of A Time Long Past
9. Eydie Gorme - My World Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day
10. Vikki Carr - Singing My Song
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       Big Yellow Taxi – Neighborhood                  
       Summer Symphony – Jack Gold Sound
       I’ve Lost You/The Next Step Is Love – Elvis Presley
       Chelsea Morning – Green Lyte Sunday
       I Can Remember – Oliver
       Solitary Man – Neil Diamond
       Reflections Of A Time Long Past – Robert Mersey Concept
       My World Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day – Eydie Gorme
       Singing My Song – Vikki Carr

       Rainbow – The Marmalade

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