KDKB 93.3 FM

Week: 10/18/75
Format: Progressive
                    KDKB 93.3  PHOENIX 
                      OCTOBER 18, 1975
1. David Crosby/Graham Nash - Wind On The Water
2. Who - Who By Numbers
3. Electric Light Orchestra - Face The Music
4. Amazing Rhythm Aces - Stacked Deck
5. Dan Fogelberg - Captured Angel
6. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
7. Linda Ronstadt - Prisoner In Disguise
8. George Harrison - Extra Texture
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 Wind On The Water  David Crosby/Graham Nash
 Who By Numbers  Who
 Face The Music  Electric Light Orchestra
 Stacked Deck  Amazing Rhythm Aces
 Captured Angel  Dan Fogelberg
 Wish You Were Here  Pink Floyd 
 Prisoner In Disguise  Linda Ronstadt
 Extra Texture  George Harrison

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Thursday, January 30, 2020)