WVUD 99.9 FM

Week: 02/24/73
Format: Progressive
                 WVUD 99.9  DAYTON
                  FEBRUARY 24, 1973
1. Hoyt Axton - Less Than A Song
2. John Mayall - Down The Line
3. Maxayn - Mindful
4. Kinks - Great Lost Kinks Album
5. Bert Jansch - Moonshine
6. Dion & The Belmonts - Reunion
7. Jim Croce - Life And Times
8. Judy Collins - True Stories
9. Ray Charles - Genius In Concert
10. Pete Seeger - The World Of
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 Less Than A Song  Hoyt Axton
 Genius In Concert  Ray Charles
 True Stories  Judy Collins
 Life And Times  Jim Croce
 Reunion  Dion & The Belmonts
 Moonshine  Bert Jansch
 Great Lost Kinks Album  Kinks
 Mindful  Maxayn
 Down The Line  John Mayall
 The World Of  Pete Seeger

 This is a published album list compiled by Jeff Silberman

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