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Week: 00/00/74
Format: T40
                       WAVZ - THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 1974

(for 1974 and for this one year only, the WAVZ Program Director decided to
 buy a "syndicated" year-end countdown, to both play on-air and publish as
 "Official WAVZ Tabulations". However, the rankings did not match up with
 what WAVZ played/charted during 1974 at all. For example, WAVZ never even
 added/played #68 ("Clap For The Wolfman"), #81 ("Back Home Again") and
 only played #89 ("Please Come To Boston") briefly. Numerous other rankings
 were either "way too high" or "way too low". As a result, the station went
 back a few years later and re-tabulated an "internal, official 1974 Top
 100", using both the 52 WAVZ 1974 lists and the Top 100 ranking system
 WAVZ/KC101 had used in both the late 70s'and all through the 80's. Both
 lists were saved in station archives, with a notation similar to this
 attached, mainly just for posterity/accuracy going forward. This later
 list was never officially published, but appears here as scans 1 and 2.
 The syndicated/published countdown is also included here, as scans 3 and
1. Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun
2. Grand Funk - The Loco-Motion
3. Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby
4. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
5. MFSB - TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
6. Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were
7. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
8. Elton John - Bennie And The Jets
9. Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again
10. Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
11... (click here to view all chart data)


Contributed by: ARSA Jim (Monday, January 2, 2012)

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