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Week: 10/27/81
Format: AOR
                      KLPX 96.1 - TUCSON
                           96 ROCK         
                         TOP 20 ALBUMS
                       OCTOBER 27, 1981        
   1. Ghost In The Machine  The Police                              
   2. Tattoo You  The Rolling Stones                                
   3. Escape  Journey                                               
   4. 4  Foreigner                                                  
   5. The Innocent Age  Dan Fogelberg                               
   6. Bella Donna  Stevie Nicks                                     
   7. Nine Tonight  Bob Seger                                       
   8. Abacab  Genesis                                              
   9. Precious Time  Pat Benatar                                   
  10. Long Distance Voyager  Moody Blues                           
  11. Time Exposure  Little River Band                             
  12. As Far As Siam  Red Rider                                    
  13. Songs In The Attic  Billy Joel                               
  14. Watts In A Tank  Diesel                                      
  15. Heavy Metal Soundtrack                                        
  16. Give The People What They Want  The Kinks                     
  17. This Is The Way  Rossington Collins Band                     
  18. Allied Forces  Triumph                                       
  19. Pretenders II  Pretenders                                    
  20. Get Lucky  Loverboy                      

      Bryan Miller with Alyce Ian   6 A.M.  10 A.M.
      Jim Brady        10 A.M.  3 P.M.
      Allan Browning    3 P.M.  7 P.M.
      Larry Miles       7 P.M.  12 Midnite
      Dave Ellsi       12 Midnite  6 A.M.
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