Week: 03/06/63
Format: T40
TOP 50 FROM 850

WYDE Salutes the Blue and White of Ramsey High

Week of March 6-12, 1963

(Survey courtesy of Fred Dahlke of the Alabama Record Collectors)
**** To present a more accurate survey, the following records are listed in alphabetical order ****
All About My Girl - Jimmy McGriff
Blue - Bill Lindsay
Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Vince Guaridi
Cut Me Down From Your W. Post - Kris Jensen
Don't Be Cruel - Barbara Lynn
Don't Set Me Free - Ray Charles
Do It - Mark Valentino
Don't Want To Think About Paula - Dickie Lee
Follow The Boys - Connie Francis
Fly Me To The Moon - Joe Harnell
Greenback Dollar - Kinston Trio
Half A Man - Willie Nelson
Here I Stand - The Rip Chords
He's Got The Power - Exciters
Hum Diddy Doo - Fats Domino
I Got Burned - Ray Donner
Killer Joe - Rocky Fellers
Love For Sale - Arthur Lyman
Laughing Boy - Mary Wells
My Little Girl - Cricketts
Mama Didn't Lie - Jan Bradley
P.T.A. - Coasters
Sun Arise - Rolf Harris
That's Life - Gaberial
Twenty Miles - Chubby Checker
Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph
Your Used To Be - Brenda Lee
Why do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart - Bob B. Sox
Who's Sorry Now - Lloyd Price

Duke Rumore          Hot Cakes - Dave Baby Cortez
Tommy Charles        Boat Of Love - Jerry Woodard
Doug Layton          Puff - Peter, Paul & Mary
Bill Sanders         Prima Donna - Glen Campbell
Allen Dennis         Young Lovers - Paul & Paula


Contributed by: Rob Ellis (Thursday, June 28, 2007)