KACY 1520 AM

Week: 09/20/71
Format: T40
                     KACY - OXNARD              
                      15/20 MUSIC
                   SEPTEMBER 20, 1971 
       15 SINGLES
       Celebrate – Rare Earth
       Do You Know – Lee Michaels
       Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Wither
       Go Away Little Girl – Donny Osmond
       If Not For You – Olivia Newton-John
       Mac Arthur Park – Four Tops
       Never My Love – Fifth Dimension
       Peace Train – Cat Stevens
       Smiling Faces Sometimes – Undisputed
       Spanish Harlem – Aretha Franklin
       Story In Your Eyes – Moody Blues
       Superstar – Carpenters
       The Night They Drove – Joan Baez
       Uncle Albert – Paul & Linda McCartney
       Whatcha See - Dramatics

       20 ALBUMS
       A Space In Time – Ten Years After
       Barbra Joan Streisand – BJ’s
       Blue – Joni Mitchell
       Blessed Are – Joan Baez
       Charity Ball – Fanny
       Every Good Boy – Moody Blues
       Every Picture – Rod Stewart
       Imagine – John Lennon
       James Gang Live – James Gang
       One World – Rare Earth
       Ram – Paul McCartney
       So Long Bannatyne – The Guess Who
       Songs For Beginners – Graham Nash
       Sweet Country Suite – Larry Murray
       Tapestry – Carole King
       Trafalgar – Bee Gees
       The Silver Tongued – Kris Kristofferson
       Who’s Next – The Who
       4Way St. – C. S. N. & Y.
       Shaft – Isaac Hayes

       Ron Metzger       - Mid to 6AM 
       Bob Chandler      - 6 to 10AM
       Bill Tanner       - 10AM to 2PM
       Tom Lynch         - 2 to 6PM  
       Danny Martinez    - 6PM to Mid  (pictured)
       Dan Ohse          - Weekends

 NOTE: The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly
    as they are shown on the printed survey.  Any typos, spelling 
    errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed 

Contributed by: Gary Pfeifer (Sunday, October 30, 2016)

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