Week: 12/27/57
1. The Techniques - Hey Little Girl
2. Lee Andrews - Tear Drops
3. The Diamonds - The Stroll
4. The McGuire Sisters - Sugar Time
5. LaVern Baker - St. Louis Blues
6. Nat King Cole - Angel Smile
7. Sam Cooke - For Sentimental Reasons
8. Jerry Vale - Pretend You Don't See Her
9. Johnny Mathis - Wild Is The Wind
10. The Johnny Otis Show - Bye Bye Baby
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On Fridays in 1957, the Toronto Telegram printed a weekly, 
DJ-picked, Top Ten list from CJBC, with the DJ changing
each week. 

This list is from this source, and does not represent
overall programming on CJBC.

Contributed by: K.A. Scott (Monday, December 26, 2016)

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