WRKR 100.7 FM

Week: 03/29/72
Format: T40
                      WRKR 100.7 - RACINE  
                          24 HOUR ROCK            
                         MARCH 29, 1972       
       We’ve Got To Get It On Again – Addrisi Brothers
       Be My Lover – Alice Cooper 
       A Horse With No Name – America
       Jubilation – Paul Anka
       You Could Have Been A Lady – April Wine
       Baby Blue – Badfinger
       Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne
       Simple Song Of Freedom – Buckwheat
       Eve – Jim Capaldi
       Jungle Fever – The Chakachas
       Taxi – Harry Chapin
       “In The Rain” – Dramatics
       Nutrocker – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
       I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All – Fifth Dimension
       Daydreamin’ – Aretha Franklin
       Son Of My Father – Giorgio
       Heartbroken Bopper – Guess Who
       One Good Woman – Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
       Do Your Thing – Isaac Hayes
       Run, Run, Run – Jo Jo Gunne
       Tiny Dancer – Elton John
       Louisianna – Mike Kennedy
       Josie – Kris Kriatofferson 
       Rock And Roll – Led Zepplin
       Vahevella – Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina
       Suavecito – Malo 
       Castles In The Air/Vincent – Don Mclean
       Beg, Steal Or Borrow – New Seekers
       Jump Into The Fire – Nilsson
       Cheer – Potliquor
       What I’d Say – Rare Earth
       I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren
       No On To Depend On – Santana
       Legend In Your Own Time – Carly Simon
       Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon
       Runnin’ Away – Sly & The Family Stone
       Mister Can’t You See – Buffy Sainte Marie
       Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens
       Family Of Man – Three Dog Night 
       Take A Look Around – Temptations
       Slippin’ Into Darkness - War
       If We Only Have Love – Dionne Warwick
       Waking Up Alone – Paul Williams
       Give Ireland Back To The Irish – Wings
       Don’ Ever Take Away My Freedom – Peter Yarrow

       NEW LIFE
       Changes – David Bowie
       Diary – Bread
       Everybody Knows Here – Jonathan Edwards
       Make You Break You – Gerry Rafferty
       Telegram Sam – T. Rex
       Taos New Mexico – R. Dean Taylor
       If You Love Me Like You Love Me – Betty Wright
 NOTE: The song titles and artists shown above are presented exactly
    as they are shown on the printed survey.  Any typos, spelling 
    errors and/or other anomalies are as they appear on the printed 

        Survey courtesy of Jim Henne.

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