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Week: 07/10/72
Format: C&W
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TOP 13
WEEK OF JULY 10, 1972
When The Final Change Is Made - Gary Buck
Old Fashioned Love Song - Jeri Ross
Sunshine And Rainbows - Roy Drusky
Still I Wanna See You - Scotti Carson
It Meant Nothing To Me - Diana Trask
I Can't Build A Bridge - Dale Ward
Rain Rain - Lois Johnson
Never Been To Spain - Ronnie Sessions
That Certain One - Tommy Cash
Here I Am Again - Loretta Lynn
The Ceremony - George Jones & Tammy Wynette
Sweet Memories - Sue Thompson
Your Love's Been A Long Time Comin' - Johnny Tillotson
Opryland - Wilburn Brothers

Just Bidin' My Time - Rhett Davis
I Had No Reason For Leaving - Rudy Wesley
Say It's All Over - Billy Stack
Looking Back To See - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
Beautiful People - Pat Daisy
Missing You - Jim Reeves
North Carolina - Dallas Frazier
When The Snow Falls On The Roses - Sonny James 
Stonin' Around - Dick Curless
Ain't You Ever - Johnny & Joni Mosby
You're Burnin' My House Down - Warner Mack
You've Gotta Cry Girl - Dave Dudley
200 Lbs. Of Slingin Hound - Billy Wheeler
This Little Girl Of Mine - Faron Young
Happy Everything - Bonnie Guitar

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