KNAK 1280 AM

Week: 02/24/64
Format: T40
                   KNAK 1280  SALT LAKE CITY 
                        KNAK TOP TWELVE    
                   WEEK OF FEBRUARY 24, 1964
1. Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand
2. Beatles - She Loves You
3. Beatles - From Me To You
3. Beatles - Please Please Me
4. Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun
5. Four Seasons - Dawn
6. Rivieras - California Sun
7. Trashmen - Bird Dance Beat
8. Major Lance - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
9. Pyramids - Penetration
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    1. I Want To Hold Your Hand - Beatles
    2. She Loves You  Beatles                               
    3. From Me To You/Please Please Me - Beatles                   
    4. Fun Fun Fun  Beach Boys                                   
    5. Dawn  Four Seasons                                         
    6. California Sun  Rivieras                                 
    7. Bird Dance Beat  Trashmen                              
    8. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um  Major Lance                       
    9. Penetration  Pyramids                                    
   10. Glad All Over  Dave Clark Five                           
   11. Abigail Beecher  Freddy Cannon                  
   12. 442 Glenwood Avenue  Pixies Three             

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